3-day weekend: birthday grilling, wedding, and garden planting

It was a great, long weekend. Just what I needed after a crazy few days at work.
Saturday we celebrated Trav's birthday by grilling with Ro, Pat, and the girls. We made so much food, and the girls played next door in the sandbox. It was a bit overcast, but nice, and only had one super brief (like 60 seconds, max) rain. The girls ran around like crazy downstairs, watched a movie, and played with the balloons Trav brought home from work. It was a great day.

Gwen and Auntie Ro enjoy some snuggles.

Trav and Casey play keep the balloon in the air.

Sunday Trav had tennis, then that evening we had a wedding for one of my coworkers. It was a lot of fun and we had a great time together. The location was gorgeous, the food was amazing, and we danced past my bedtime.  :-)  My mom was back home with Gwen so it was easy to cut loose and have a great time, knowing Gwen was in good hands. So have a great time we did!

We ended up leaving at 11 o'clock, a bit before the wedding was done since we knew Gwen would be up early no matter when we went to bed. Well, miracle of miracles, while she did wake at 5, she managed to fall back asleep in bed with us until quarter of nine!! It was amazing. We ate some breakfast, then my mom headed out and we got the rest of our day going.

We finally got a chance to plant our garden, a little later then normal, but its done! This year we have hot banana peppers, hot chili peppers, sweet red bell peppers, and petite orange peppers; plus onion chives, sweet basil, bush beans, and I have mint from last year. Can't wait to see it all grow! I have to plant my pumpkin seeds too.

We ended our day with some Harry Potter, since we were all feeling pretty tired and lazy at that point! 

The one other thing I did yesterday was have a talk with Gwen to try to explain Memorial Day to her. She asked why we had flags out and why we were seeing so many firetrucks and police. It was hard to strike the proper balance of explaining exactly why the day was so important and meaningful, without it being too sad or heavy for a 4-year old. But she seemed to get it, so that was good.

This week ahead is an interesting one since I'm at work for only one day! Tuesday should prove to be insanely hectic, but I can't complain since then I'm off! Wednesday I'll get Gwen and Trav going in the morning, then head out to Boston (after rush hour). I'm there Wednesday, Thursday, then drive home Friday. I'm excited to see everyone!

How was your long weekend?

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