feels like summer is almost here...

This weekend was pretty lazy, in a good way. My lazy Friday was everything I hoped for. Knocked out a whole stack of magazines and watched an SVU marathon. Win!

The biggest part of our weekend was the start of tennis on Sunday. It really feels like summer is around the corner when tennis starts! (Though this Sunday felt NOTHING like summer. It was chilly!)

We headed over to the tennis courts first thing in the morning, to sweep away the puddles from Saturday's rain.

Gwen was very eager to help, basically taking the broom and not giving it up!

The day itself went well. Good turnout, fun hanging out with the neighbors again after not seeing each other most of the winter, and grilling of course.

Though I'm not looking forward to the heat, I am looking forward to everything else that summer brings. The outdoor time, grilling and swimming, vacations and a slower time at work. And of course, tennis! I'm ready for it all.

What trumpets the arrival of summer to you? What are you looking forward to this summer?

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