birthday dinners and tennis lessons

Great full weekend behind us. Weekends like that are always fun, but always fly by way way too fast.

Saturday we went to a birthday party for a friend's daughter's 2nd birthday.

Notice my daughter's reaction when she sees me taking a picture!

It was a cute party full of little girls. This was one of my favorite scenes...

He's such a good girl's dad!

After the party we headed home to get some chores done, then that night I took Ro out for dinner for a belated birthday celebrate. We went to Teikoku and that food was AMAZING!

I can't stop thinking about my shrimp tempura or asparagus in soy sesame ginger dressing, even now!

Sunday I woke up to the smell of cooking. Trav filled our fridge with two great meals for eating this week! What a great thing to wake up to! Sunday is of course tennis day for Trav. While he did that, Gwen hung out with the neighbors, and I headed to meet a yoga friend for lunch. I loved getting to spend time with sweet Elly outside of yoga!

I hit up some grocery stores and Trader Joe's on the way home. Once there I grabbed Trav and Gwen from next door and we all went to the tennis courts so Gwen could practice (her suggestion!).

She gets frustrated sometimes when she misses, but she mostly has fun with it. Trav loves it of course! He'd love to have a fellow tennis player in the family (I try, but I'm NOT good!).

By that time it was almost dinner, so we headed home to heat some things up. All-in-all, lots of fun.

Now it on to a busy week at work, followed by a long weekend (with a wedding), then next week I'm off to Boston. After that its June already!!

Hope your weekends were full of fun!

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