birthday weekend

What a great weekend!

Mine started on Friday. I hit up a yoga class in the morning, then headed home to relax and wait for Babs. It was so great spending time with her! We got fun pedicures, and finally took adequate pictures of our butts.


Saturday Trav and I had a wedding in the afternoon, so my mom came down around 11, and Heather, Trav, and I all left (for various destinations!) at 1.

There was a big break between the 2pm Catholic ceremony and the 6:30pm reception, so we met Tally-le for some apps and a drink. It was really nice to spend non-work time together! 

Sunday my mom headed out around 9, then Trav, Gwen, and I left at 9:40 to go scout out some houses. On the pull side, she had a great time, and apparently thinks that looking at houses is the best time. On the minus side, all three houses are a bust for us. Two were just in bad shape and would have needed a lot of money put into them, the third was in great shape, and we were thrilled with the downstairs... but the upstairs was tiny and the "two bedrooms" were really only about the size of one. Not what we need.

That afternoon we enjoyed some lazy time at home, then cooked up my requested birthday dinner (done on Sunday so I wouldn't have to cook the whole thing myself on Friday!):

Tuna turnovers and macaroni with yeasty cheese (not pictured: super yummy asparagus that was finishing in the oven). Total comfort foods. Completely delicious.

Now we're at another Monday, and another 4-day work week for me. This time followed by our Cape Cod vacation! This month has flow by as quickly as I suspected it would, and I can't believe that when we return from vacation its already going to be time for the "fall rush" at work with events almost every week.

Ah well, not rushing to get there yet! Here's to enjoying the rest of August.

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