feeling saucy

It was a very full weekend over here, but all good things. Saturday Gwen and I were up at my parent's place while I had a hair trim, and Gwenie enjoyed some Nonnie and Papa time. It was a really pleasant day, so we spent a lot of it outside. Then it was back home to where Trav had a nice dinner waiting for us.

Sunday I decided to take advantage of the plethora of tomatoes that had finally gotten ripe in both of my neighbor's gardens, and make this tomato sauce again. Its a bit time consuming (mostly the removing the skins and seeds from so many tomatoes part!), but completely worth it. We had about double the tomatoes this time, so I made a jar for us to use, a jar for us to freeze, and a jar for each of the neighbors. I also used fresh basil from my garden. Mmm...

That night I headed out for an early birthday dinner with Ro. She took my to the same place I took her for her birthday back in May. It was really nice to get out and be treated!

Now its back to the grind, though thankfully only for 4 days!
How were your weekends? 

Ps. In case you were wondering, its only 42 days until the Autumnal Equinox! Not that I googled that already or anything...

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