balance between rest and play

I'm trying to strike the proper balance between resting and doing. During the week its easier, but I'm finding that the doing always seems to come in bigger spurts (like the evening hours with dinner and Gwen's bedtime) and I have to remind myself that its only been 10 days and I still need to take it easy. The best way to recover completely is to allow myself to rest fully.

Trav has been doing so much more during the weeks, taking over a lot of things that I normally did, while still doing his own things. I'm so grateful for all he's doing. And during the day, when I'm on my own, its much easier to tell myself to slow down. I've been doing a lot of magazine reading (finally getting rid of the built up stack that I never had time for), Scrubs watching, and Daisy snuggling. Also, catching up on email and phone calls.

This past weekend we ventured out to the movies, leaving Gwen with Ro and Pat so we could finally see the third Hobbit (loved it!); then hanging out until dinner. It was a good activity with a lot of sitting!

Sunday we headed into the city to visit with the family (Gwen and the baby was the sweetest!), then Gwen had a birthday party to attend. It was an ice skating party... her first time on the ice! She did great, loved it, and though she took some tumbles, she kept at it the whole time. I was really proud! (And a little jealous, no ice skating for me.)

Despite not getting on the ice, it was a lot of standing, and by the end of the day I was tired. It was a good reminder that I still need to take it easy.

Other things I'm doing to help my recovery: vitamins, extra iron to help with the headaches (happened to me last time... all the blood loss!), extra fiber to help with the iron! Green smoothies to get lots of good stuff in my body, snacks rich in vitamins and fiber, good dinners. Kegels! Trying to remind myself to drink more water.

Wednesday I head to visit with the family one last time before they leave on Thursday. Drop off some milk, pick up the pack'n'play they'd been borrowing, squeeze baby boy one more time. I'm so happy for them that they get to head home, but I'll miss them. After that, I'll come home and snuggle with my pup.

You know. I could get used to this.

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