feeling full hearted

A girlfriend from high school days came over on Friday. She brought her fiance and daughter, and we hung out for a few hours, which was really nice. The past two weeks have gone by really quickly, and I'm enjoying my time at home, but it was really nice to have someone pop by and break up my solo days! Plus, she's getting married next year, and she made my day by asking me to be in the wedding!! 

Saturday dawned early, with Gwen coming into bed with us at 5:50, and not going back to sleep. Yawn. I let Trav sleep a bit, then we headed to the grocery store. After a shower and a lazy afternoon I did something truly exciting... got dressed in my normal, pre-pregnancy clothes!! A real bra, non-maternity pants!

The big occasion was a dinner with the family, and the head of the surrogacy organization. It was a great dinner, a lovely (unexpected) last visit with the family, and just a fun night. Gwen hit it off with the surrogacy head's son, and they hung out all night. I got to have my first drink since before I started meds for the transfer (a glass of a nice red, and then a glass of a really great champagne), and I was able to give the family another 35 oz (155 oz total!).

On our way home I talked to my brother's fiancee, and I'm going to be in their wedding too (this summer)! What a weekend for feeling the love.  :-)  I feel like I'm in my 20s again, with all these weddings (my cousin is getting married later this year as well).

Sunday was a rainy, cold day with ice warnings in the morning. A very good day to stay in. So stay in we did! First Trav let me sleep in (until 11, I haven't done that since I was a teenager). Then Gwen and I never bothered to get out of our PJs. Trav and Gwen put away the Christmas decorations, Gwen and I did some playing with dolls and her bat cave, and when the afternoon rolled around, we relaxed with a movie.

There was also some puppy snuggling, which made me very happy. Gwen snuggles with Daisy a lot, but I think this was one of the first times Daisy has snuggled on Gwen! Love those two.

Trav and Gwen are back to work and school today. I'm back to my relaxing days of recovery (today's big task: put away some laundry, and maybe vacuum). The family is off to the airport, and back home. What a full-hearted weekend!

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