6 Things You May Not Know About Me

And now for something completely random...

6 Things You May (or May Not) Know about Me. 

I am a Procrastinator 
Sometimes I'm so on top of things, especially if its something I'm super excited about, then I want to just plan it all and do everything for it before its even really time to. Example: fighting the urge to pack for Wanderlust 3 weeks beforehand. But if its not something I'm super excited about, or once I get past that initial excited burst, well I'm a huge procrastinator and have trouble getting myself psyched up to do something until its the last minute and it has to get. done. NOW. See: actually packing for Wanderlust the night before, when I should have been going to bed. Oops. 

I'm a Touchy-Feely Shopper 
If you find yourself shopping with me, you'll notice something quickly... I have to touch everything. Especially clothes. It needs to be soft and nice to the touch for me to want to buy it, so I go to town. My friends lovingly call me (no offense intended) a "clothes molester," and I can't argue.

I Am Chalk-full of Wanderlust
My urge to go, to travel, to see new places and experience new things runs through my veins like something incurable. The longer I go between trips, especially to places new, the more antsy I feel. My goal is to visit all 50 states, and as many foreign countries as possible. So far I have been to China, Ireland, and Mexico; and 21 of 50 states (I'll get to cross a few more of those off soon!).

But I'm Still a Homebody
I know, it makes no sense... but with all my longing to travel, I still need a home base. I long to go and go and go; then come back home to recharge, resettle, reconnect. That home doesn't have to be the same house (though it was for 13 of my years as a child, and 10 years now as an adult), but I need a place to call mine.

I Never Though Home Would be Out West! 
I have always lived in Pennsylvania (7 places!), and up until recently I thought I always would live in Pennsylvania! Obviously that changed, and I'm excited for that change, but while my parents are here, this place will always be at least partially my home.

I Still Sleep with a Blanket
Not ashamed! I still have two blankets that I have had since I was an itty-bitty. They are soft and comforting and I sleep with one of the two every night.

Tell me something I don't know about you!

Thanks for the inspiration Rachel!


  1. I still sleep with Mr. Bear! #noshame

  2. This is great! I still sleep with a blanket too! It's a blanket I embroidered for Conor when we were in 9th grade and I kind of swiped it back because it's so soft and I totally use it as a comfort blanket when I travel.

    I'm literally the worst procrastinator, I was surprising really great at not procrastinating at work work but anything else especially moving or packing...I'm usually still packing as we're in the car because I had to carry things down in my hands that I forgot to pack!


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