away we go

The movers came on Monday, and suddenly our house was empty. We kept our sleeping bags, all of our travel needs, and the fragile/valuable/irreplaceable items we'd carry ourselves; but that was it. Our home of the past 10 years was empty.

Tuesday the carpet installers came. Suddenly the carpets we'd despised for the past decade were gone. In their stead a durable, neutral without being bland, new carpet. Something that would hide dirt and pet hair nicely, though we would neither get the chance to dirty them, nor would Daisy even set foot on them. Oh those repairs we make in preparation for the next person.

It all made me a bit sad, and I had to fight tears at points. But the excitement was there too.

Wednesday we gave all the rooms one last look around, walked out the door, turned the key, and left for the last time.

There was no fighting the tears that time. 

Since then, we've been crossing the country! I'll write more about our journey later, but I hope you'll forgive me if there are some breaks in posting. Busy times, but much to report soon.

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