there and back again...adventures in apartment hunting!

The Friday before last Trav, my Mom, and I all left work early. My Mom to come down to our place for the weekend to hang out with Gwen and Daisy; Trav and I to hop on a flight to Denver! Auntie Ro played her part too, picking Gwen up from daycare to drop her off at our place. It was a bit of a whirlwind.

We arrived late enough Friday that all we did was pick up our rental car and head to the hotel. Saturday we were up bright and early to hit up 4 apartment complexes. After that we had a late lunch on a table full of papers and apartment brochures. By the time we finished eating, we had made our choice.

We headed back over and signed our lease!

Its a great place, right next to Gwen's new elementary school (we will be able to walk there everyday!), with a pool and movie room, abutting an Ecological Park with bike trails! In fact, our apartment will overlook that park. We're a thirty second drive from a Sprout's Farmers Market and a Target. Its 5 minutes from a movie theater, 15 from an off-leash dog park. Trav's commute will be about 15-20 minutes vs. his current 40.

We are feeling good about this place.

With that big check mark done, we finally had some time to relax. So we drove to Trav's new work (so he knew what the building looked like on his first day!), then just drove towards the mountains.

It was beautiful there.

It was early to bed that night though, since Sunday dawned at 3 a.m.! Our plane left at 5:45, and we were back in Philly by mid-afternoon!

Like I said, a whirlwind.

Before we left the airport, we had one quick stop...

This girl just so happened to be flying out of Terminal B as we were landing in Terminal C. We honestly had no idea that we'd be in the airport at the same time, until I saw her killing time text when we landed. Life as a traveler...  ;-)

Now that we have our apartment (and the address to go with it) we can start to really take care of details!

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