Birthday Interview: Year 6

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Me: “Hey Gwenie, how old are you now?”

Gwen: 6! 

Me: “Who’s your best friend?”

Gwen: Dominic, Riley [new friend here in CO!], Romie, Jordan, Miss Katie, my swimming teachers, you [aww], Daddy, and Auntie Ro, Pat, GG, and Casey, and Nonnie and Papa, and Nana and Pop-Pop.... That's it!

Me: “What is your favorite thing to do?”

Gwen: Play Legos, swim, play with friends, and go to Chuck E Cheese!

Me: “What is your favorite color?”

Gwen: Every color except for pink and purple.

Me: “Do you have a favorite food?”

Gwen: Junk! And pasta and rice.

Me: “What is your favorite thing to do with mommy and daddy?”

Gwen: Go to Chuck E. Cheese, swim, and play house.

Me: “What is your favorite toy?”

Gwen: Everything except for girl stuff.

Me: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Gwen: Everything except for a yoga teacher or an army guy.

Me: “What makes you happy?”

Gwen:  When you guys let me do stuff that I want, and my birthday and Christmas when I get presents! 

Me: “What is something that makes you sad?”

Gwen: When you don't let me do what I want, and when I miss my friends [in PA].

Me: “Do you have a favorite movie?”

Gwen: Every movie except for girl movies. 

Me: How about a favorite TV show?”

Gwen: Mickey Mouse, Jake [and the Neverland Pirates], Clone Wars.

Me: “Do you have a favorite book?”

Gwen:  Harry Potter and Junie B. Jones. 

Me: What do you like to learn about?”

Gwen: Lots of stuff! 

Me: “What are you excited about for your birthday?”

Gwen: That I get presents and cake, and get to go to Chuck E Cheese! And our breakfast.

Me: “Where’s your favorite place to go when we leave the house?”

Gwen: Chuck E Cheese and swimming, and fun stuff like that. 

Me: “What is your teacher's name?”

Gwen:  Mrs. Doughterty  

Me: “Do you have a favorite treat?”

Gwen:  Every junk! Lollipops, ice cream, cake, and creamsicles. 

Me: “What’s your favorite animal?”

Gwen: Every animal!

Me: “Do you have a favorite song?”

Gwen: Uptown Funk, Bad Blood, Rock and Roll All Night, and We're Not Going to Take It! 

Me: “What’s your favorite thing to wear?”

Gwen: My Star Wars clothes and the dress that Nonnie got me. 

Me: “What are you looking forward to this year?”

Gwen:  Going back to Pennsylvania and going to Cape Cod!

Me: "Me too girlfriend, me too!"

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