The days are long, but the years are short... who wrote that?*  Whoever it is, they were so right. I sound 80 when I say this, but every year goes faster then the last. I've talked some recently about how the days can seem so long, but I look back and I can't believe January is already done. It was full, and busy, and it flew by. Doctors appointments, swim lessons, yoga classes,visitors, and finally school and homework, for both of us... the days are long, but they bump into each other, tripping over themselves in their rush to go by.

February threatens to go by just as quickly. More school, more swimming, more visitors, and doctors appointments; and my baby's birthday! I'm sure this month will be over before I even know it too.

Since school started, things have been better with Gwen. We still have our days! Oh damn, of course we do. But its way, way better.

There was a moment during Trav's parents visit (more on that later), we were out at dinner and Gwen was full and a little tired. She laid her head in my lap, I rubbed her back and hair, and she kissed my hand. It all just felt right. In that moment, I knew that I was doing something right; despite the hard moments, despite the frustrations, in that pause, everything else could have faded away, because I felt content. 

Here's to a month full of days more like that.

* I googled. Apparently it was Gretchen Rubin. Now you know!

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