Geek Alert... {X-Files}

I'm sorry for this, I really am... but I just have to let it out. Is anyone else here an X-Phile?!

Little FOX Mulder and I, all ready to watch!

I had been counting down to the reboot for ages! As of tonight, its over (cue the mini violins!), and I want more! It was so great to revisit some of my favorite characters, extend our favorite alien story line, and find new monster stories to enjoy! Please tell me I'm not the only one out there (tell me I'm not alone... ha).

What was your favorite story from the reboot?  [I love the lizard guy with the dog. Too funny. And Home Again for tugging on the heartstrings!]  What about from the original series?  [Too many to pick, but Humbug, Home, and Darkness Falls have always been some of my favorites, for very different reasons.]

Even after all these years, I still want to believe!

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