12 Days of Christmas

This year Gwen and I had an unintentional "12 Days of Christmas" of sorts.

Gwen's school celebrated the holidays on the 16th (their last day of school before break). She got to wear her PJs to school and watch The Polar Express with her class in the morning. In the afternoon, parents got to come in to help make clove studded oranges and gingerbread houses.

Saturday Gwen made a whole slew of paper snowflakes, which we walked around to deliver to neighbors. It was actually really sweet!

Sunday we made our first batch of cookies, for a friend's Holiday Potluck - a fun party with roasted pork shoulder, dorky Christmas sweaters, and great company.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies!

Monday we met my friend SaraMarie for a walk through the Denver Christkindl Market. There were lots of fun stands and we both found a few things.

We then walked down to the Pavilions to check out the carousel set up right in the middle of the street!

We had a few movie nights during the week, made and delivered more paper snowflakes, and Thursday and Friday we baked more cookies!

Then, before we knew it, it was Christmas Eve!

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