A Little More Outdoor Exploring

The day after Thanksgiving, we all (Trav, Gwen, Trav's parents, and I) were ready to get outside and get moving! That day most of the State Parks in Colorado were having a fee free day, so that seemed like the best/most obvious course of action. We did some searching an found a great park nearby that we hadn't yet checked out called Castlewood Canyon State Park. 

It was only a half hour from our place, but seemed almost worlds away!

There were little canyons, beautiful trees and grasses, hills, and plains. There were great rock formations too.

We did a few miles, but only got to see the bottom part of the park. Next time we want to drive in through the other entrance and check out the top half... there's apparently an old dam and some caves.

Gwen wanted to press on, but our rumbling stomachs drew us back to the car after a few hours.

This was definitely the perfect remedy for a very full plate the night before! I can't wait to see the rest of the place.

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