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The first week post Thanksgiving vacation time felt a bit overwhelming. If you looked at the calendar it actually didn't seem too bad. There were whole days with nothing official scheduled, but my To Do list felt a mile long. I was still dealing with trying to transfer my plates to my new car, an internet that was on the fritz (grr), and post-holiday clean-up that felt endless! Sometimes its the easiest things that feel the most overwhelming. Things have calmed down since then.

Not to say there is nothing to do. There are all the normal chores and errands, there are toys to be sorted to make room for new ones, and there is marketing to work on to hopefully bring in new clients for the new year. I'm meeting with people about business possibilities, subbing a few classes, and have my on call days. I made sure to schedule some fun things too though. A lunch at Gwen's school to celebrate the holidays, a foot bath (a free treat that I won in a Facebook giveaway!), and some holiday fun.

Things have picked up a bit as well with the booking of my third certifying birth for January. I want to have all of my other certification requirements completed by then so that I can get my packet put together and submitted by February. That means finalizing my essay and my client resource list (done and done), reading the last of the books (in process), and completing a business webinar (this week!). Hopefully by April everything will be reviewed and processed, and my certification will be official! 

That said, my Christmas shopping is done, our cards are sent, the decorations are hung, my regular yoga class is off for three weeks this month because of the way the holidays falls; so I'm enjoying the ease of mid-December, and the relaxed pace at which I can approach things.

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