A Daisy Update

Its been just two and a half weeks since Daisy's surgery and this past Friday was the big check-up! We'd spent 14 days getting the poor beast to lay down constantly. She'd spent most of her time in the big Elizabeth collar (which she hated and kept getting stuck on furniture!), though we did occasionally let her out for a little break, as long as she was laying right with us. We did endless warm compresses, and fed her a million little pills (thank god for peanut butter).

I also spent a good amount of time in bed with her, too; especially in the first few days. She is always happiest when she's with her people! 

The meds ended slowly - one pill 3 days in, another at a week, and the last on this past Thursday - and as of Friday the collar came off and the restrictions on movement have come to an end! I know Daisy has been itching for a longer walk, and we were all ready for her to no longer need to be lifted on and off of the couch or bed (her two favorite places to nap during the day). Most of all, we were so ready to know that she was healed! It was no fun seeing our pup limp, or look uncomfortable and know she was hurting. Its also quite nice to be done with feeling like we have a toddler again. I'm used to independent babies now, not having to be on top of someone all day!

Snuggling together, in the cone.

She's basically back to normal, running and trotting and jumping on and off of the bed like nothing happened. She's a little more tired on longer walks, and we know it will take a little bit of time before our sweet beast regains her full strength in that leg, but we're so grateful for how well she did... and for all the sweet words we got wishing her well! Thank you all.
I'm ready Mom!

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