Sometimes as things grow and change and move on, I wonder what Gwen will remember as she gets older. Already she doesn't remember our years nursing. Babywearing is vague to her, and while she still climbs in bed with us for morning snuggles all the time, she certainly doesn't remember sleeping half the night away in our bed for the first part of her life.

She still talks about missing Pennsylvania and the people or places there, but the names of her friends are starting to fade, faces are getting less distinct. When she's a teenager, will she remember living on the East Coast at all? Or will it be one of those fact that she knows, without any real memory attached to it?

When we left Pennsylvania, we left certain traditions and routines behind, and certain people. That's not bad per se, but I've certainly been wondering lately, as my girl gets older what memories will stick out the most. Will it be swim lessons or playing with yoga at home? Will it be me picking her up from school and doing homework together?

I'm sure it will involve lights on Christmas Eve and cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, traditions that can stay with us no matter where we move. I wish just for a moment I could know what memories my girl will cherish the most as an adult.

I hope that whatever memories you are making, they are beautiful ones that last throughout the whole coming year.

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