Back at the end of December I noticed a lump on Daisy's leg. She's a lab, a breed more prone to fatty lumps, so I was hoping it was just that. Alas, when we went in to have it checked, we found out it was a sarcoma.

Yesterday Daisy was in the vets office bright and early for her surgery. The doctor was quite hopeful that as long as they could completely remove the tumor, our sweet beast would have a full and complete recovery.

The surgery went well. At 11:30, I got the call: Daisy was out and did great. They had to take some muscle to get a good margin, so she'll get extra pain meds, but she looked good and they were really happy with how it went. I picked her up at 2:45, after they made sure she had no residual problems with the anesthesia.

The next steps are two weeks of rest for our girl: no walks, just pops in out for bathroom breaks, lots of naps, and antibiotics. We also have to do warm compresses on her leg. She goes in for a check on her leg on the 27th, and will get her stitches out at that point... and hopefully she'll be given the all clear.

She's pretty uncomfortable right now, and her leg definitely bothers her (she's limping a bit). Please send love to our sweet pup for a full, complete, and easy recovery.

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