2017 Wedding #4 - The Other Side of the Family!

Back when my cousin Jess and Brett got engaged I didn't think I would be able to swing the wedding. After not attending a wedding since my brother's before we moved, this year brought 4! It was just so much. But an expiring travel voucher, and an understanding husband, found me booking my tickets for a 4th trip to Pennsylvania this year!

I headed out Wednesday evening, a time that allowed Trav and Gwen to drop me at the airport. The flight itself was easy, and I actually arrived an hour ahead of schedule, which was great since it was already after 11 at that point. My first night I crashed at my friend Nick's place, a real treat since I hadn't gotten a chance to see Nick since I moved! We stayed up late, talking and watching music videos, having some beers.

The next day was gorgeous. We'd been having wet, rainy weather in the 50s in Colorado, and Pennsylvania had been in the 90s! So I was thrilled that during my visit, those temps settled into the 70s. Perfect Autumn weather. Especially perfect since Thursday was my day to enjoy Philly, I walked almost everywhere I went. First, I headed out to hit up lunch with my favorite, Tally-le!

We not only had lunch, but later ended up getting drinks together at a new Beer Garden in Independence Mall. Lots of catching up to do! After seeing her adorable boys, I headed to meet Ro for dinner. At the end of our dinner we were joined by Apoc, which was perfect since I rode back with him, as I was crashing at his place that night.

Friday was wedding day, so after a slightly lazy morning, I grabbed a Lyft up to Center City; after tromping around there a little bit, surprising a friend with a quick Hi at work, I hopped on the train out to the burbs.

My parents picked me up from the train station and we went to check into the hotel. My brother and his wife joined us there in a bit. They had a bus running over to the wedding site, and we enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous evening wedding!

Everyone looked amazing, and it was so wonderful to see that whole side of my family (my Dad's side). Not only do I love those people, but I truly like them too! We have so much fun together. We ate amazing food, and danced our asses off all night! I actually semi lost my voice this week from all the yell-talking we were doing over the music.

The next morning we all met up for breakfast in the hotel, and I finally got to meet my cousin's new baby!! He's so beautiful.

One expensive Lyft ride later and I found myself back at the airport already (Saturday morning). It was odd this time around. For the first time this year, I was flying out of Pennsylvania with no set plans for when I'd be back. While I'm sure I'll be there next summer, this is the first time this year that no tickets are bought, no driving plans are set.

It was good to get home, to be with my family and return to our schedule. But I miss Pennsylvania and my amazing people there already.

Congratulations Jess and Brett!
Until next time, East Coast!

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