October Marches On - Part Two

We got our first snow this month too.

But in typical Colorado fashion, two days later it was completely gone! 😄 Seriously these were taking in the same place literally two days part (almost to the minute).

Gwen was thrilled to have the snow, but I'm happy to have a little more time before it becomes a regular thing! I'm happy for more mornings on the porch!

So you'll notice the "spider webs" on the porch, we distributed our Halloween decor! This lead to more then a few heart attacks on my part because:

Best/worst paper witch placement ever!

The 13th of the month was a really big day. It was Trav and my anniversary, and we celebrated with adorable little Friday the 13th tattoos.

That night Gwen also finally lost her first tooth! Ever since her cousin (who is 3 months younger) lost his first tooth LAST summer, she has been VERY eagerly awaiting this moment.

Trav and my celebrations continued the next day, with a trip (just the two of us) to Elitch Gardens for their Fright Night!

We got to ride all the rides we don't normally get to go on when there with Gwen, and check out their creepy haunted house.

Speaking of out...

National Coming Out Day used to be a day of shame for me because there was a huge block of time when I wasn't confident enough to loudly and proudly proclaim my pan/bi-sexuality. I was out to my close friends in high school, and generally completely out in college, but then somehow became more closeted after graduation. It wasn't intentional, but since I've been with Travis, I "pass." With each new year, it was harder and harder to undo that. A few years ago now I finally had enough.

"As as pansexual/bisexual woman in a heterosexual relationship, I have the "luck" of passing as heterosexual. But I'm not, and my sexuality is a real part of my identity that I'm not ashamed of. In what is becoming a big season of growth and change for me, I feel it is important to be honest and open in a way that may help others do the same. Happy National Coming Out Day!"

Since then, I've loved National Coming Out Day!

Lastly! Farmer's Market and Playground Days!

Yesterday was actually the last Farmer's Market of the season! We'll miss these fun Sunday mornings, for sure, but we'll be back in May.

And that was our October! I can't believe its already basically over.


  1. Yes!!! To your comments about national coming out day!! As a bi female I feel somewhat ostracized from the gay community (although I've had long term relationships with women) but definitely not straight either. Since I'm now dating a man, somehow I feel like some of my hard won sexual identity gets looked over since I don't "look" a particular way. Absolutely so well said. Thank you for living genuinely!!!

    1. Sending you so much love, Ash!! Thank you, and I see you! xoxo


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