October Marches On - Part One

Halloween is still to come tomorrow, but October is just about done. This is my favorite month of the year, and this year was no disappointment!! Here's some of what we've been up to (more on the biggest thing, an international trip, soon!).

The month dawned with some damn gorgeous fall colors, and perfect autumn temps.

Our apartment complex hosted a Fall Festival at the beginning of the month, including a bounce house.

Even the adults got a turn! (It was way more tiring then I thought it would be!)

School has been going well for Gwen. Brag moment: she started getting pulled for the gifted and talented program this month also!

We enjoyed some lazy weekend mornings:

We've all been reading a ton lately. I finally read the Girl on the Train and Dark Places (by the woman who wrote Gone Girl). Gwen's been loving Harriet the Spy and the Captain Underpants books.

At the beginning of the month we hit up the Horseshoe Market, a quarterly craft/indie market. I never even knew it was around, but my favorite magazine, Taproot, had a booth!

I picked up some gorgeous earrings there:

We headed to Elitch Gardens, the local amusement park, for the first time this season, enjoying some free tickets from the Avs for fan appreciation day! 


We had such a good time that it inspired Trav and my anniversary outing...

I did and taught a lot of yoga this month. I subbed a bunch of classes for people traveling, at least two extra classes each week that I wasn't traveling.

Next month I have a doula client due, so I won't be able to sub, so it was nice to get it in now!

Daisy enjoyed the cooler days, since it meant she could spend longer lying in the hot sun... one of her favorite things!

Our sweet beast is just as sweet as always, but she does seem to be slowing down just a little. Her 9th birthday is next month.

I planned to write this as one post, but then it got so picture heavy I had to split it into two!

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