Date Night and Football Games

I know yesterday was Thanksgiving, but I need a day to recover and write about it. So instead lets jump back a week. This week was a good, though busy one. Last Friday Trav and I found ourselves out for a date night! It had been a bit since we'd gone out just the two of us, so we went downtown for dinner at a restaurant we knew Gwen wouldn't like, then back to Parker for some coffee from a cute little shop on one of my favorite little Main Streets.

They had the lights up and it was snowing ever so lightly, and seriously, how lovely is that?!

The next day we all headed out because it was the day of the big Lehigh-Lafayette college game and there was a telecast party downtown.

We got to watch Lehigh win while eating delicious fried foods (those mozzarella sticks have pancetta under the breading, which has Parmesan in it!).

I... well, I didn't eat enough, drink enough water, and I had stayed up too late the night before, so by 6:00pm I was done. I went to bed for ninety minutes, then rallied for another ninety minutes (allowing me to eat some dinner and drink a lot of water), then headed to bed for the rest of the night. Thankfully that 12 hours of sleep fixed me right up...

Sunday Gwen had her final swim lesson of this group, the final one for a while. She wasn't enjoying swim anymore and was more then ready for a break. So that's that! She's not signed up for any more and I don't have plans to even ask her about it again until at least summer. I didn't even remember to take a picture. We'll take a little break from extra lessons, but Gwen has expressed interest in learning how to skate better to maybe try out hockey, so... we'll see!

On Tuesday I had my postpartum appointment with my most recent doula client, and just look at his wee face!!

Guys, he's so adorable, and he's doing so well. They all are! It makes me so happy to see new families thriving. 

I have such a great job.

I went out with a girlfriend that night after teaching, and then Gwen was off of school starting Wednesday for the holidays. This weekend Gwen and Trav are planning to go skiing again, and I have a date with my soul sister! Then its on to the last week in November already!

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