It feel like there has been so much going on since we returned from France at the end of October, and now we are equally close to our Mexico trip at the beginning of December! Writing about France was so much more difficult then I imagined it would be. We did so much, took so many pictures, and just felt so many things. It was crazy and I spent at least a week working on each of the two posts! There was just so much I wanted to remember, and even splitting it into two posts, I still missed things. It also put me behind on everything else I wanted to write and talk about. So, here's a little bit of what's been going on:

I had a doula client who I went on-call for pretty quickly after our return, and who's birth I attended earlier this week. I love being there for the birth of babies, but being on-call is hard and I'm excited to be done with it (other then a day or two in December for the birth center) for the rest of the year, and as of right now, until March! I wrote a whole post on being a doula which I'll post on Monday.

We had Gwen's parent-teacher conference and it was, well, wonderful. We adore her teacher, and her teacher adores her. Gwen is excelling in school again, and we are so grateful for all they do to encourage her and challenger her to grow. She came into 2nd grade with a 3rd grade reading level, and they are doing all they can do to keep her progression on the same upward moving line. She has also taken a lot more ownership this year, in doing her homework and in completing work at school. We are pretty proud. She is loving gifted & talented, and she's also loving the little bit of speech therapy she's receiving.

Another wonderful thing, my soul sister Marissa is back in town!!

I have missed this girl so much, and it is so good to get to squeeze her a bit before she returns to Mexico in January.

Travis has started taking some yoga classes this month... not from me.  😄  I new place opened by his work, and he got a great groupon deal to try them out. I'm so glad that he gets to take some classes, and how ironic that he starts this time of year, when I just celebrated my 5th anniversary of finding yoga as well.

Have a great weekend all!

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