Semi-Wordless Wednesday {Birthday Beast}

Monday was our sweet beast's birthday... she's 9 years old!

On Sunday we took a walk to a local dog store... its full of yummy treats, toys, and in the back, a washing area!

Daisy got a nice bath with some soothing, moisturizing wash to help combat the extra dry air here. 

Daisy also got to pick out a special treat. Gwen picked out some special daisy shaped "cookies" to give to Daisy on Monday night after an extra special dinner. 

At 9 years old, Daisy is slowing down just a little... enjoying more long naps, especially if she can take them laying in the sun. 

But she's still so sweet and joyful, and thankful seeming just as spry as always!! 

Happy Birthday Sweet Beast, my Bubba. We love you so much!! 

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