Back To School

Today is Gwen's last day off for the Winter Holidays. Two weeks of togetherness, especially during a time of year when it can be a bit cold and miserable, can be a little hard on us both, but I have to say that it went pretty well this year.

Gwen is getting better about being able to entertain herself, and the influx of new books and some new games from Christmas kept her going. I tried to find one special thing for each day, an outing sometimes, a special craft, or maybe meeting Trav for lunch, and that made the days go quicker... and kept them from melting into each other so much! 

We decided Mermaid Goop was... weird.
We watched her new movie (Beauty and the Beast) and headed to the actual movies one day as well (Coco!). We're both ready to be back to routine, but we enjoyed our time together! 

St. Daisy was ready for school to start again too...

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