Semi-Wordless Wednesday {New Year's Eve Celebrations}

New Year's Eve Gwen and I headed out for a hockey game, while Trav went to work an event in the city.

We always love getting to see the Avs play, and this was a great game for her to be at since they won 6-1! Lots of chances for her to celebrate!

 She was gifted a game puck too!

Afterwards they had indoor fireworks to celebrate the incoming New Year! A first for me (and for the Pepsi Center).

It was a great show, and I could have watched Gwen's face the whole time! 

We headed home after that to get Gwen to bed. I relaxed on the couch for a bit with a cup of hot chocolate and a googled video of the New York City ball drop... then I headed off to bed. 

I hope your New Year, no matter how you brought it in, started off beautifully!

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