Women's March

Last weekend, in addition to MANSON! (I'm going to be saying that again soon, it was a busy weekend!), we attended the 2nd Women's March on Denver.

Much like last year, it was an amazing day, full of determination, celebration, calls for action moving forward, and witty signs (of course).

Unlike last year, Trav was able to join us this time!

I love sharing this type of activity with Gwen. I want her to always be willing to work and fight for what is important and right.

We made a sign ourselves this year, with me providing some words for one side (and her providing the drawing), and her speaking her mind on the other.

It was warmer then last year for sure, but still chilly, so we didn't wait to hear all the speakers afterwards, instead heading back to thaw out in our car.

After that we headed to grab a treat, since we were in the city already.

The Inventing Room is definitely something different... and a lot of fun to try out! Gwen was a fan of the cotton candy on a sundae option, while Trav and I enjoyed our Frozen Butterbeer and S'mores Tart.

Definitely a full, fun, fulfilling day.

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