I had an audition with a new studio last Wednesday, to be added to their teacher list. It doesn't matter how long you teach, auditions are just weird and nerve-racking!

It was especially so because this is a studio that I take classes at, and I really wanted to bring my best!

Thankfully it went so well. 

Auditions and interviews are such a strange thing. I am 100% confident in my teaching, this is my calling! But an audition, putting myself out there for the purpose of judging, whoo boy, that has the ability to churn up every old insecurity I have. (And to literally throw me into tears on @soozieak shoulder! 😂) That said, I know this is my calling because the second I get up there and start to teach, all of that disappears. I’m in the moment, present on the mat, and the calm comes. ✨
All of this to say that I am so excited to be able to call myself the newest teacher at @oneyogadenver - an absolutely gorgeous and love filled studio in the DTC. The have such an amazing group of phenomenal teachers, and I am truly honored to join them!! ✨
Thank you to all who sent me love and good vibes.
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I can't wait to start cultivating new relationships at this beautiful studio! How luck I am to be able to do what I love.

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