Crazy Month

I cannot even begin to believe how full and busy this month was. Here's some of what filled our days in no particular order!

Gwen started Girl Scouts after showing interest following a presentation by the Boy Scouts at her school. We found a great local troop and she decided to give it a shot. I was a Girl Scout on and off when I was younger and have fond memories... I'm hoping that it will be a similar experience for her.

She had her last meetings with the Garden Club at her school, but filled that club space by being selected for the Math Challenge team! They meet weekly until their competition in December, and she's excited about it. Only 3 people from each grade level are chosen (3rd, 4th, and 5th), so we're pretty proud! She also signed up for the Recycling Club. I'm excited she's trying out different groups this year.  

She did a Fun Run at her school to raise funds for technology and field trips; and then had her Fall Break. While you read this we are actually away as well, an amazing trip I'll fill you in on later! We hit up a great local made market in Denver one weekend (where I got the cutest repurposed flannel shirt), and I subbed a bunch of classes.

Trav and I had a bunch of different things come up for this month. Taste of Greenwood Village was a fun night to raise money for a local charity, while we got to sample tons of delicious foods from local restaurants. I also got to head to a super fun party to celebrate an organization I support (109 World), while Trav hit up a few night yoga classes.

I completed my CPR/First Aid recertification, as well! We had one Framily dinner at the beginning of the month and have another next week, as well as a few different visits and get togethers with friends. Gwen and I got to visit with my girlfriend and her new baby, which you know is one of my favorite things.

This is all the fun, unusual stuff... but then there's the normal boring everyday stuff. Cleaning, organizing, errands and chores. I cleaned out my car, long overdue, down to pulling everything out of the glove box to sort and reorganize. I organized the pantry and the freezer, and even my sock drawer. Ha!

The last week of the month looks to be equally busy. I have another girlfriend who's due with her baby, car appointments, more teaching, and some fun Halloween events. And that's our completely normal, average, full, lovely life!

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