Dear Evan Hansen

The other week Trav got a call on Monday, asking if we would be up for seeing a show the next night! Some tickets were available for a show we'd been asking about and we jumped on them!

I scrambled around but found a babysitter and a sub for my class, and our friend James... the one who originally turned us on to this show, making sure he could come too! We headed into the city to grab some yummy food first at Stout Street Social, before heading over to the theater for the show.

It was absolutely phenomenal. I knew nothing about Dear Evan Hansen before heading in, but it blew me away. It was a nuanced look at suicide, teenage life, and how one wrong choice can completely change the direction of your life: for good and bad.

I'm so glad we went.

It was sweet and touching, and at least one of the songs is now in my regular rotation. So glad James asked us about this show!

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