Christmas Eve Gwen and I headed out to meet Trav at work. We all, along with two of Trav's coworkers, headed to get our nails done. A little early Christmas treat, for all of us.

Gwen developed a stomach ache that night, so while we did get to watch It's A Wonderful Life, we didn't get to take our traditional trip out to see lights. Santa came that night, after a little scare with the postal service, and some rough wake ups for Gwen because of that sore belly.

And Christmas morning, it was all worth it. Despite her wake ups, she was up, chipper and healthy at 7am (I could have used a nap!).

Harry Potter items, Legos, books, and games for Gwen. Tattoos, skydiving, Harry Potter items for Trav and I. He also got some yoga pants, and some of the amazing peanut butter from Hawaii.

While Christmas isn't about the stuff, it was nice to be spoiled. Especially will little things that are so up my alley (moon phases earrings, a bath bomb, steel straws, my own coat just like the one I've been stealing from Trav)!

And Daisy wasn't forgotten either. She got some new toys (which she promptly destroyed 😂), and some healthy treats. She needed a nap after that hard work.

We watched movies, played games, ate cinnamon rolls and chinese food (white rice and stomach soothing soup for Gwenie, just in case), and just had a really nice day together. I hope your holiday was full of cheer and love. Merry Christmas all!!

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