What A Year

Just like every year this one passed both in the blink of an eye, and took a few years to get through. The Winter Olympics were this year guys! How is that possible! We fit in so much, and Colorado (three years in) continues to be such an amazing place for us.

This year I experienced: 

Concerts - 9! Plus 2 Musicals (Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen), 1 Orchestra Performance, and a Christmas Show 
Doula Clients - 1 birth, 1 due, many back up on call days
Framily Dinners - 6 since August 
Hair Colors - too many to count! (this was the year I cut my hair!) 
Planes Jumped Out Of - 2
SuperBowls the Eagles Won - 1!! 
Tattoos - 3 new, 1 rejuvenated 
Travel - 1 flight out East, 1 to Hawaii, 1 International flight (for me - Mexico), 5 new states (something like 20 states total)

Yoga - 100s of hours taught between 6 different classes, with one new studio; and my first regular private lessons

There is already so much to look forward to in 2019. We already have 3 friends set to visit! Stella will be out in January for skiing, my girl Elise is coming out to camp with me in May, and my Babwa will be here to hit up a concert with me, also in May!! Speaking of concerts, we already have tickets to 4 so far (P!nk in March, Walk Off the Earth in May, Nahko in June, and KISS in September); plus Potted Potter (a Harry Potter Musical) in March! Fingers crossed for Dispatch tickets soon. We already have tattoo appointments scheduled, and are going to get to redeem 2 jumps out of planes! There will be travel, of course, exact summer plans to be decided... but I'm looking at a trip to Texas for Spring Break in March, and maybe one up North at some point too.

What are you excited for in 2019?

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