More Holiday Happenings

The past few weeks have been so full. Lots of ordinary, lovely things, but with an extra dose of holiday happenings thrown in there. A few lovely dinners with friends (including one where it was requested I do makeup, ha!), including a cookie exchange with new babies in tow!

Gwen was so excited for babies! She especially loved holding little Mira.

And I love every minute of friend time, and baby time!

There was a visit with Santa... but not for the baby you might imagine...

Daisy wasn't sure what all the fuss was about with the guy in red, but she did enjoy interacting with the other puppies! 

Last weekend we headed downtown for some lunch, a ride in a bike pedicab, and then a show: 

Gwen was a little disappointed it wasn't exactly the same as the movie, but it was a fun evening anyway! 

And they did sing the most important song!

Tonight we celebrate Yule, tomorrow we're heading downtown again to hear Handel's Messiah, and then next week we're at Christmas already! I can never believe how fast the season flies. So many fun things, so much to keep us busy, the days just race... quicker then I'm even ready for. I hope that your holiday season has been beautiful and merry.

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