Busy Days

Lots of busy days lately. I'm taking little steps to help me feel more organized, and less stressed about all that life has coming at us. Sometimes I write yoga classes and take phone calls in the tub...

I got a really beautiful weekly planner, and I've been taking a few minutes on Sunday night or Monday morning to look at the week ahead and write out all of the things I have planned: classes, meetings, trainings, Gwen's activities, as well as special chores and errands like taking the recycling, writing classes, and appointments.

Just taking the time to look ahead and break it all down into manageable bites makes everything feel so much easier. I'm also slowly working through different areas of the apartment, organizing and sorting, cutting down on the clutter around me.

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Taking time for me, with getting my hair done and taking yoga classes, are really important parts of making the busy times feel less overwhelming.

And special dates with Trav help too. We recently attended a Lehigh U alumni event at a pretty fascinating museum that we hadn't checked out before.

I've been busy behind the scenes too, working on some very exciting upcoming events... things that I've been dreaming about! I can't share them all yet, but I can share this!: 

I'd love to see you there!

What's keeping you busy lately? What's keeping you organized and sane during the busy times? 

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