Weekend Fun

This weekend was quite full, but so so wonderful. It felt like a reward for making it through last week!

It started with brunch with two of my favorite people! My soul sister, Marissa, was in town ever so briefly and we ate at Punch Bowl Social, and really fun, delicious place downtown.

It was so fun to catch up in person. After that I headed to do a cookie drop off. My most recent doula client ordered some Girl Scout cookies from Gwen (you can too! Right HERE!), and I swung by her place to drop them off... it was well worth the trip!

Love me some baby snuggles!!
After a quick trip to the store, I headed back home, and the day was almost done.

Sunday I taught at night as usual, but our day started long, long before that. We were up early to be at our friend's house by 6:30am for their traditional house blessing! We all got dressed up for the occasion...

It was wonderful to help our friends bless their new home, and make it feel warm, welcoming, and full of beautiful feels and beautiful things. 

After much time in Pooja, we were fed so much wonderful food... and then it was time to head home!

It felt so late, but was actually only about 11am! Still time to pick up more cookies, and have some relaxing time.

What a great weekend!

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