Another Day, Another (You Guessed It) Concert! - The Raconteurs {2019 Concert #14}

I'm sorry if you're sick of hearing about concerts. I cannot believe how many we've hit up this year. But, when one of my favorite people (and yoga teachers), Addison, asked me to go with him I couldn't say no! This is the second concert I hit up with him this year, and he's a fun guy to go with.

 I have zero pictures from the concert itself - since it was a cell phone free concert - but it was such a fun show. It was at the new Mission Ballroom (same place as the Brandi Carlile show), and I continue to be so impressed with this venue! We sat all the way up at the top, in general admission seating (love that GA can take advantage of seats!), and the view/sound was amazing.

It was actually a lot of fun having no phones allowed, after an initial "what do I do with my hands?!", and we were all very present in the show. There was great energy, and the crowd was upbeat.

Other then a holiday show, that was the last concert I have this year (unless something pops up!), and it was a fun one to end on. Thanks again Addison!!

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