Autumn in Colorado is Different

It was grey in the morning, so the snow that fell overnight seemed to reach all the way up to the clouds and beyond.

Snow-packed earth, and a snow-packed sky.

Wet and thick and heavy, it weighed the branches on trees down enough that as I walked under one the top of my hat brushed a branch, causing little showers of flakes to rain down into the neck of my coat, pinpricks of cold on my skin.

Thankfully, despite the cold, the morning was calm; no wind battered our faces, wriggled into our clothes, or froze our ears, and we could actually enjoy the beauty of the fresh white muting out the gold, brown, orange leaves still clinging and reminding us that this was not in fact a winter day, but still smack in the middle of Autumn.

Autumn in Colorado is different. It is equal parts perfect October, reminders of what summer was, and foreshadowing of all that winter will be. If this day was any indication, winter will be full and heavy and pure white cleansing.

And just like everything, such as life, by the afternoon... it was gone.

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