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Last week was Autumn break for Gwen. Earlier this year, we had already decided to forgo a big trip to enjoy some day trips instead, and that intention was confirmed when my Mama decided to come out for a visit! It was so great to have her here, and so fun to do some exploring with her. She took the train out, which is pretty cool. So that first day I picked her up from the train station first thing in the morning (with Travis having taken Gwen to work), then she came to yoga with me. It was fun getting to have my Mama in class for the first time.

After class we headed to pick Gwen up, then went to the Denver Botanic Gardens. It was such a perfect, beautiful Autumn day... just right for enjoying the outdoors.

The Botanic Gardens is such a great combo of outdoor plants, open spaces, and indoor plant space.

  My mom loves plants and flowers, so I knew it would be a great place to take her.

I think the Indoor Tropical area and the outdoor Japanese Garden are my two favorite areas, but it is all so beautiful!

Such a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city.

We spent the whole afternoon there.

Then it was time out to meet Travis for dinner at one of our favorite downtown places, Watercourse. Its so delicious there!

Trav took off on Tuesday and Wednesday to join us on some more day trips. We headed up to Estes Park Tuesday morning to check out the town, and to head into Rocky Mountain National Park.

It was another gorgeous day, so we were able to drive all over, and get out for lots of little walks and rock climbing.

Gwen's favorite thing is to scramble up rocks, so she was in heaven.

We went to one of the trails that Elise and I did in May... but boy did it look different!!

We ate lunch in Estes Park before the hike, and after exploring for the afternoon, we headed back into the town for a little shopping.

Then it was back home!

Wednesday we headed in the opposite direction, south to Manitou Springs. Again we stopped in the city, this time doing a picnic lunch.

Then we headed up Pike's Peak! Straight up to >14,000ft!

Its always so amazing seeing the world from that perspective!

After that it was back into the city for a little bit of ice cream! Then home in time for dinner.

Thursday was my mom's last day, so we took it a lot easier. A lazy morning, then headed to the same international food court that we hit up with Ethan and Elise at the end of May (Mango House!) for lunch. So much good food to be had!

We headed to a playground for a bit, then it was time to head into the city to take my mom to the train. 

 It was such a great visit, and over way too soon. Miss you Mom! Come back soon!!

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