Cookie Season 2.0 Finished!

This weekend Gwen's second cookie season officially ends. I'm so proud of her. Not only did she meet her initial goal (300 boxes), which was already higher then last years, but she exceeded it and met surpassed blew out of the water her updated goal (330 --> final count 383!!)!

This picture has nothing to do with Girl Scout cookies...
but Gwen drew this T-Rex skiing the other day, and I absolutely love it!

I remember selling cookies as a kid, but didn't realize how much of a learning experience it really was until watching Gwen go through it. She worked her math (multiplication, subtraction), and her people skills. She practiced pushing to achieve a goal. And it made her think that maybe she wants to look into being a small business owner when she grows up! I'm so dang proud of my Girl Scout!

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