Two Week Check In

So two weeks in (for us)... two weeks of no school, no teaching*, minimal trips out into the world, and physical separation from other humans. Its been both easier and harder then I imagined.

I love lazy days at home, slowing everything down; but it feels different when its not a choice. Its hard not to be able to pop in on friends, squeeze my framily, spend time with my new honorary niece, pop our to a playground, the gym, or a coffee shop. All those little things that make the days fly, and that are so taken for granted. The hours and days roll into one another and it can feel very disorienting.

Daisy has been the biggest love bug, and I think she is absolutely thrilled to have her people home with her. Gwen has been equally snuggly, and I think its both a reassurance thing, and a love being with her family so much thing. She misses her friends and teachers, but has been relishing the slower pace(1)


* I found an outlet by doing a few Facebook live classes! It was fun to feel virtually connected, and still get that teaching joy.

(1) Slower pace has been awesome, as long as -- here's the caveat -- Gwen has a physical outlet, good bursts of physical activity a few times a day. Perfect if its nice out: she can take Daisy out and play with her a bit, ride her bike, etc.... not so perfect if we get a blizzard.
Which we did.
It was a long, long day. So we made some adjustments to our Bingo card to include the option of yoga, or a dance party, or jumping jacks and stretches with mom! Crisis averted!


We did take some beautiful walks along the creek, and enjoyed picnic time.

She's frustrated that she can't just play with friends the way she wants to. Frankly, so am I. Ha! But with at least 3 more weeks out of school, we're just trying to make the best of it. She's been video chatting with the grandparents, messaging with her friends, and yells hello down from the balcony to anyone she knows who passes by.


I've been more introspective lately... not surprising when you're stuck inside so much. I wrote on instagram how I’ve been feeling all these feelings lately, stuck and overwhelmed, but I had a moment after reading Untamed. In it Glennon talks about this time when she was overwhelmed with some things happening in the world and kind of collapsed into sleep to allow herself to feel and process, and then she woke up and she DID! She took action and changed the world just a bit, and all I could think was, “But Glennon, what if I wake up and I still don’t know what to do? What if I can’t ever figure out that step to change the world?” I think we all want to change the world, we want to do the amazing, huge things, the once in a lifetime, one in a billion things. But here’s the deal, they’re one in a billion for a reason, and I realized that I am not a world changer, not in that way. And that made me feel relief! Straight up, flat out, full on relief!

I know game changers, people who are going to grab this world and upend it in the best way, and I’m so damn honored to be surrounded by them. My role is to lift them up. It hit me that I might not change the world, but I can change the world for an individual person, and that feels damn right to me. I might not be the one who ends world hunger, gets children out of cages, writes petitions that change laws... but I might be the one who supports the person who can through a time of need, allowing them to continue their work. 

Last night I took the dog out for the last time before we headed to be, and the first thing I noticed was how quiet it was. Its always quiet that late at night, but normally you can still hear a fair amount of traffic in the distance, and the random car door slam or person talking. Last night the quiet was punctuated by only the occasional far off car, and it was really nice.

Maybe this time is allowing the Earth to heal a little, showing us that we are capable of doing less. Maybe this time is allowing us to heal too.

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