Unexpected Benefits to On-Call Life

Between two different trips, and cookie season, February was by in a flash... but the last week of February was one of the busiest in recent memory. I had multiply subbing gigs, one of my once monthly classes fell that week, along with Gwen's Battle of the Books competition, Daisy's check up appointment, my car servicing, our ax throwing, Trav's company employee appreciation event, Girl Scouts, coffee dates, a friend crashing here on her way through town, and goat yoga! And that was all in addition to our normal work/teach/school routine.

So it was almost a relief to go on call for my girlfriend at the beginning of March. Don't get me wrong, it can be semi-stressful to be on call, just waiting for the moment to come... but how very nice to be able to say, "Sorry, I can't agree to that, I'm on call!" And that's exactly what I did. No extra subbing, no big events, no travel.

I'm off call now, that beautiful baby girl is here. But now all that space in my calendar is beneficial for another reason... with our lovely friend COVID19 we find ourselves home. Gwen's Spring Break was extended in either direction, my studios have all closed, and Trav's work is at a standstill. We're being asked to stay in, and gratefully, that's what we get to do. Our normally full Google Calendar has rows of completely empty days ahead, and we didn't have to do much canceling on our own.

That's not to say its all easy... we have our moments of stressing over what is to come, how long it will last, and what this all means for our back account; but we're trying to make the most out of this unexpected pause.

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