another weekend

This weekend has been flying by. I don't want to have tomorrow be Sunday, and know that i have to go to bed early and wake up for classes. But at least this weekend has been a good one. The weather has been beautiful, and of course having travis here is always great. Friday night i babysat, but he was dropped off, so we watched movies until them parents came home around 10:30; then went home, made dinner together, ate, made love, and went to be... completely satisfied. Today, we actually got up for tailgates! Surprise surprise there! ;-) It was pretty nice. Once again, the weather was beautiful, and that always puts me in a great mood. And our good graduated friend Espo came by. Yay Espo!! Let's see.... we watched A Beautiful Mind, and (lol) i cried! High recommondations for that movie. Then it was on to Psi U, a brake to hit up a diner with my wonderful big Ang, then back to Psi U... for more of the same. Which is actually where we still are. He's downstairs playing ruit, and i'm sitting in Bri's room typing. I just wish he didn't get so wrapped up in the drinking, but i'm not going to let this little thing spoil an otherwise great weekend. Boo for beer and it's hold on my boyfriend, but yay for the fact that he is still wonderful and loves me so. And yay for fun, although too short, weekends!!! :-)

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