stupid, stupid test

So i studied with Grant... yay that! Made me feel a bit more confident. Tomorrow i study with the freshman roomy... then thursday is THE day! ahhh... i am so blah about this test. i can't stand it. hmmm, also tomorrow is registaring for us juniors. finally found another class today so i have enough that if one of mine is full i have another to pick from, or if the necessity arises, i can drop one. it's always good to be safe. i guess. wow, i just can't really type right now. i need to study more, i need to sleep. my days just keep flying by and i feel like i'm not getting half the stuff i want to done. i'm sorry for the over all lack of "ahh" to my journal entries lately. i feel like i'm just too tired right now to be even remotely... well, remotely anything i want to be. quite the difference from tgif... quite the difference a day can make.

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