rainy day fridays

Well, here we are on another rainy day. But at least this day is a friday!! Another hour here at work, then another four hours at work #2, then i'm freeeeeeee... at least for the 48 hours until this weekend is over. I can't wait. Today is going pretty well, my boss bought a pizza for us, and travis brought me a YooHoo and a PB&J sandwich, and chips, and bacon!! lol. And Stells left me a sweet message. Plus work #2 at the quadruplets should go quickly today. It's just going to be the kids and their dad and i today, their mom's away in Chicago. I'm sure their dad is loosing his mind right now, so i'm happy to offer him a break. Oh, and did i mention it's friday!!!!! lol. here we go being slightly manic again, but manic is better then depressive. I'm going to try and keep this positive energy going until then end of finals. It's coming so soon. I just have to keep reminding myself that i am working really hard and i am doing okay. There is no reason to panic. After Dec. 1, the money situation should be a bit better; and i'll work over winter break. Things will work out! I just have to keep reminding myself of that. So i just looked outside, and it is pouring so hard!!! Damn... If anyone wants to come get this girl from work at 2 at the Philosophy Department, feel free to do so! Should have brought an unbrella!! :-)

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