trying this out....

So this is the first time i am trying this... typing out what i feel to share with the world, or at least my own small corner of it. Sometimes i get so frustrated being boggled down by money and school issues. I feel like that's all i focus on anymore. So this will be my place to get those feelings out, and hopefully get a weight off my chest in the process! Not that i'm hoping this is going to change my whole life in the process... although i feel like that wouldn't be a bad thing if it did. Do you ever feel like just picking up and moving on? "Okay, that's enough of this stage of my life... on to the next." Sometimes i just want to be graduated, working in a real job... not worrying about financial aid and homework and projects. I want to be married and not have to wake up knowing that the man i love is waking up somewhere else. I want to wake up and have enough time to make a big cup of hot chocolate, and read a chapter in my favorite book... and not wake up exhausted because i stayed up until 3am to finish a project or to study. I want my hard work to be rewarded with finished projects that make me proud of my work, and not with mediocre tests and unsympathetic teachers! i want to be able to see my friends, and not have such busy scheduals that i can't even arrange a quicky visit to say hi. i guess i want a lot of things right now...

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