haha, because you love me...

Last night we treated ourselves to sushi... all you can eat sushi at the Habachi... but GOOD all you can eat sushi, which is hard to find. Yum.

We ate so much, we both kind of felt "blurghy". But then I took a big poop and felt so much better. HA! I know you wanted to hear that.

Today is very chilly, but I'm actually very happy about that. Not so much about the rain... but the cool autumn chill... very nice. Plus it should help the trees to turn... "Turn Baby Turn!" (or something like that).

Said goodbye to three people yesterday, who won't be in the office again until after Tuesday... which means, the next time I see them I will be married. Wow. One week to go. I'm getting damn excited... and I'm so much calmer then I thought I would be. Hopefully I'm not saving up the nerves for the day off... no one wants a puking bride.

I'm just all about the pleasant pictures today, huh.

Here is a pretty picture though:
My new boots, which I am rocking today... I love them, they make me feel like a snowbunny. :-) And they just so happen to be thee most comfortable boots in creation!

Work is crazy, like always, but I actually got a ton done yesterday... why I didn't make it here. But I need to get back to it.

Oh, and this is for Jen... who's baby shower I will be attending:
pregnancy calendar
It's a humorous baby ticker, so enjoy.

Have a great weekend!

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