i am megan's complete lack of patience

The weekend was good. Got home real late on friday because I decided to stay a half hour late at work... then the 5:50 train didn't come until 6:30. Ugh. Ate a quicky meal, then headed to the grocery store. Saturday I headed up to my parent's, then to Laura's, then back towards my parent's so my mom and I could meet and she could give me Henry, whom I had forgotten. Finally it was back home.

While I was gone, Travis was totally productive. He gutted our pumpkin, roasted the seeds, baked a cake, washed the tub, hit up the grocery store, made pepperoni dip, and started a nice dinner. That night we headed to Willy's for his Halloween party. It was a blast. Slink and Lindsey, who just moved about 3 blocks away from Willy, were there too. We had a great time, and everyone left stuffed and drunk (well, except for the DD... one guess who that was).

Saturday to Sunday we got so much sleep! I don't know if it was the time change, or if our bodies were just completely exhausted, but we didn't get up until around 11... 10 hours of sleep!! It was great. We had a much lazier day on Sunday. I put up our new shower curtains (these with these), and we watched a lot of boob tube... mostly football, but I did see American Beauty. That evening we headed over to Ro & Pat's to relax and eat dinner. It was a nice night, and a nice day all together.

Yesterday was busy. Alan was out (is today too), but he left plenty to get done... and we (Miyano and I) had to do it before 3:15 when we had to leave to head to an event we were having that afternoon. So it was hectic. I stayed a bit late for the event, and took the 6:20 train home. A quick dinner, then some emailing, then thank yous. I'm almost done with our thank yous!! It's such a relief. Only a handfull more people to do... so I should be done by this weekend. If you didn't get a thank you by next week, yell at me so I can figure out why.

Now today... Halloween (Happy Halloween!!) and the last day of October. Can you believe it?! This whole month flew by! Only 3 weeks and 2 days until Thanksgiving, and 1 month, 3 weeks, 4 days until Christmas... and 61 days in this year (holy crap!)! These (H, T, & C) are my three favorite holidays. I'm already doing my shopping... I can't wait to give everyone their gifts!! Lol.

Right now I'm all about the waiting for some pro pictures that I can put up to show you. My photographer has to put them on a website for me, so that I can right click them. But as soon as I get them, I'll share.

Okay, back to work for me. Have a great Halloween and enjoy your trick-or-treaters.

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