make it end!

I'm writing right now because it is my last day at work and i've already been here for about 37 hours and it Just. Won't. End.

Honestly, make it stop.

I did get my nails done. And I was totally productive up until an hour ago. But then I actually finished all I needed to finish... and well. Now I'm just ready to go.

I think this really will be my last pre-wedding post. I have some errands to run tomorrow, and thursday will be busy with family and friends and the rehearsal stuff. So I suppose this is a good bye... don't forget me... I'll be back on the 23rd... Hopefully with pictures!

Speaking of pictures... I will leave you with some!
K-Trout, Babs, and I being silly:
And looking hot...

Are we not sexy mamas?! :-) Sorry, just had to share.

Okay, now I'm out. Miss me. I will return.

Ps. Somethings you might enjoy while I'm gone:

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And that killed my time, finding you all those great things to read/look at. Home I go! :-)

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  1. Sexy Mama's indeed. Have a fun filled weekend and enjoy yourself. Congrats.


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