there was no joy in mudville

Damn damn busy. Just had a meeting with boss and two coworkers where we all came away stumbling under the load. I love that it is all, "hey here's what we need by tomorrow." Urgh.

At least tonight will be fun with picking up the favors, and spending time with my soon-to-be Dear Husband. :-)

And all is well because the Eagles kicked some butt last night (did you see it?) after a completely boring and snooze-worthy first half. Did I mention that I watched the first half, then headed upstairs to check my email, only to have Travis (who came home from work at half-time) yelling "they scored again" every ten minutes. Not that I am complaining about the scoring! Just wishing some of it could have occured when I was watching!! Lol, go figure.

Okay, back to work. Only another week and a day to get through, then I am out for a week and a half. Woot!

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